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We’re an environmentally-friendly carpentry and building team that strives for efficiency and quality in all that we do. Our passion is keeping the building industry green whilst we achieve excellence.

Our licensed and environmentally thoughtful crew are working towards a zero waste building model. We endorse plastic free worksites and local upcycling, and have experience in building earth ships, off-grid sites, tiny houses, extensions, renovations and contemporary new builds.

Paying attention to materials and design choices, and really listening to your goals, is part of the service. If you’re looking for a long-lasting and beautiful home that doesn’t cost the Earth, give us a call.

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Carbon Emissions Reduced (kg)*
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* The equivalent of driving 70 laps of Australia, or flying a Boeing 747 for 760 hours.

Do you know we also do solar?

Gypco can help you with soloar panels, batteries and grants!

Meet the crew

Jason Rahilly Director

Gypco’s director, Jason Rahilly, wears many hats. He’s a licensed builder and carpenter with 15 years experience in site management. He is also the founder and director of B-Alternative, an environmental consultancy group, which works with schools, councils and events to actively reduce the waste they create. Hands-on action is something both businesses take seriously.
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The Crew

Gypco is an animal-loving building crew who walk the talk when it comes to environmentally conscious or eco-building. The team is currently developing a zero-waste building model and actively working from inside the construction industry to address environmental concerns. While it’s a long game, Gypco believes it begins with plastic-free worksites, upcycling, onsite crew meditations and tree planting to offset emissions.
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Gypco also help clients consider:

  • the embodied energy involved in the manufacturing and transport of new materials
  • the benefits of using or repurposing existing materials
  • passive design and insulation possibilities
  • toxicity and health requirements

6 Maiya Crt, Cheltenham

Renovating an 1970’s style home into a modern attractive style property! Utilising HEALTHY HOME processes along with the Standard GYPCO ENVIRO models achieving a fantastic result with happy clients!

Norwood Secondary College

Big project with high end cladding finishes take all the skill and care of any element of building. The longevity in the material used for this project is second to none. On time and under budget!

Earth Ship

When the ultimate thermal, eco friendly and beautiful use of up cycling needs all yourlove and skill.. build an earth ship!! Did you know grass roofs help sequestration of CO2 ? Did you know earth is one of the best thermal ratings if not the best you can get? Do you know how much energy and money you use on a conventional heating and cooling system in a conventional house? Let’s solve the problems where possible build alternatives and beautiful personal finishes.

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