Norwood College

The kids needed a gymnasium.. So we helped another builder to get the frame built, External locked up and the internal ready for kids with bats, balls and whatever else they can get into!

Breeze Street Apartments

This large Apartment build in Brunswick required GYPCO for all the carpentry internally, external timber cladding and general Contruction management services. With a top end finish and deadlines met, Tenants of Breeze st enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚.

Earth Ship

We know how much the building industry creates in waste and using large amounts of virgin materials that are not always the best quality or have the best longevity.. Thermal ratings and general healthy homes are left at the end of the end of the queue due to costs etc.. Enter Earth Ship philosophy!! We really aimed to achieve this with entirely upcycled materials, fallen trees (dried) and engineering inginuity to achieve a aesthetically pleasing, thermally outstanding and solid eco build!! Enjoy the photos and take some of these ideas for yourselves.

Lighthouse Christian College

Schools need to be built and the rate of growth seems to demand larger spaces and places for the students. We are proud to complete the slightly more challenging designs and build. Like this multi skillion roof detail, into a lighthouse design facade whilst presenting standard square based class rooms. With the frequently reviewed codes and compliances, it takes all the attention of a great team to ensure that all is done to code before finishing. To pull off a great architectual design such as this is more then a few nails in some timber ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy.

Glen Eira Project

Community sports areas do get a thrashing, Working in with another builder GYPCO was in charge of the Frame, Lock Up and Fix of this project and it was flawless!! See for yourself ๐Ÿ™‚

Maiya Court

It’s rare you land clients who have so much to teach you as a builder in the space of building!! But these lovely sisters have shown us their values on low to no tox healthy homes! We have come away from this project with the achievement of a stunning home renovation achievement, large amounts of upcycled materials used and a genuine HEALTHY HOME!! GYPCO has literally changed our materials to meet the standards the sisters have introduced us to and are proud to use no tox internal paints as a bare minimum. Enjoy the images!! And thank you Sisters!

Decks and more...

Neerim Rd

46 Townhouse development with one of the highest end finish cladding systems there is. The general carpentry for town houses is more and more cookie cutter, this large project threw a large variable with the Equitone pre finished panel detail that requires additional attention to its water proofing systems whilst being a visually high end finish. To the new tenants of Carnegie, please enjoy.

Frankston Bathroom

Epoch Centre

Sometimes in our industry you come across genuinely great clients who have huge dreams and are taking the actions towards them! Epoch was a pleasure to work on with our Steve, Emanuela and Gilbert as the best team mates you could ask for. Perfection was non-negotiable and following that up with the better environmental option went had in hand.

With Adrian from 0ne20group Architects, the project had unique features that came up a treat. The hurdle of a poor existing building, shared with multiple tennants, covid and materials supply issues could have made anyone give up on the industry.ย  Though working with these awesome humans, including our own manager Aryan and our other tradies, the result speak for itself and we are very proud to have delivered this project on time and on budget. With a Premierโ€™s Sustainability Award potentially on its way.


A humble family who literally needed more room wanted to evolve their unit into a 2 story townhouse. Our clients were very patient with yet more covid concerns and worked really well to help us achieve a second to none standard that all have benefited from!! The kids are very happy to have their own rooms and we were able to build up not out which is a great result for the reduction in green m2 not being sacrificed.

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